Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Griffin's Onesie!

A few posts ago, I posted note cards for Baby Griffin.. well, Haley made this sweet onesie to match!! How adorable!!! Note card/onesie sets COMING SOON!! :)

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Amy S. Norris said...

okay, so as i was stalking late tonight like i so often do i saw that you followed me on brownie-goose, and i wanted to check you out. your kiddos are adorable, and i love all of your work. i LOVE your appliques, they are so cute and have such attention paid to detail. way to go, and they are super original! i must say, if you are doing them on a regular sewing machine - you have some SERIOUS patience and i admire you! i can no longer applique on onesies bc they drove me to the looney bin! :) keep up the good work girls!